Ignoring dead whales, NOAA proposes another site survey off New Jersey

“Damn the whales, full speed ahead” seems to be the offshore wind policy of Biden’s NOAA. They now propose to approve yet another site survey, just 10 miles off Atlantic City. These surveys are the top suspect for the recent wave of dead whales, centered on New Jersey. See the proposal at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/03/30/2023-06594/takes-of-marine-mammals-incidental-to-specified-activities-taking-marine-mammals-incidental-to The site is a […]

Are whales the latest casualties of the climate change industry?

“Trekkies” should recall this pithy exchange about endangered humpback whales from the 1986 feature film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, between Leonard Nimoy’s famous character and actor Catherine Hicks, who played “Dr. Taylor,” the cetologist. “Mr. Spock” stated, To hunt a species to extinction is not logical; to which “Dr. Taylor” responded, Who ever said the human […]

As whales wash up, Feds push “Green” energy on inadequate knowledge

Recently, an unusual number of dead whales have washed up on the beaches off the East Coast, stretching from New York to Virginia. A total of 16 have been found washed up on these shores in just the last month alone. It is speculated that more dead whales are floating out in the open ocean […]

Why are whales dying off the East Coast?

There is nothing like a cluster of large whales washing up dead on the shores of New York, New Jersey, and Virginia to get the press and television up in arms. USA Today headlines trumpeted: “Whale deaths along East Coast prompt 12 NJ mayors’ call for offshore wind farm moratorium.” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and […]

CFACT official submission on Right Whales and Big Wind

November 28, 2022 Bureau of Ocean Energy ManagementDocket ID: Boem-2022-0066-0003 BOEM and NOAA fisheries North Atlantic right whale and offshore wind strategy The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) submits the following comments with respect to “BOEM and NOAA Fisheries: North Atlantic Right Whale and Offshore Wind Strategy – October 2022.” Background CFACT is a […]